Fethiye Scuba Diving Tour

Fethiye Scuba Diving

Fethiye Scuba Diving day out is done at the famous Fethiye gulf, the home of the 12 islands. The activity which requires no experience beforehand, is done with professional divers and instructors. For first time divers, the dive length is around 5 to 10 meters. If you do have your own diving license then you can dive further as your license permits. The first dive is done before lunch and the second is done after lunch. You can see plenty of the underwater species that inhabit the mediterrannean, take lots of photos and even feed fishes with your hands. You can also apply for a license by signing up for universally accepted courses such as PADI. Our equipments are renewed yearly and you can see our instructors certificates on board the boat. You also do not need to know how to swim on Fethiye Diving !


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Note ; Do not forget to get your hat and sun creams please !


Recommendations for Diving

Fethiye is one of the best areas in Turkey for scuba diving. We recommend you do your own research and look up on the equipments they use. It’s highly recommended you also take spare clothes with you. If you have family members who don’t want to dive, they can still join in on the boat as guests for less price, using boat facilities as well as getting lunch.


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