DEEMA TRAVEL DMC Turkey has been operating in many areas of the tourism industry such as accommodation, transfer services, tours and organizations, daily activities since 2011, and also markets and sells these services B2B in foreign markets at the fairs it participates in. It is the travel agency number 11981, affiliated with TURSAB since 2019, which also offers destination management co-operation (DMC) services.


At this point, Deema Travel DMC  provides services in accommodation, transportation, daily activities,  and car rental sectors for 200,000+ guests from 25 different countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrein in particular.

Alongside tourism and transportation, in order to meet the expectations of our guests and needs of our country, it is also active in International Trade and international law fields by using the experiences acquired in the sector. Deema Travel DMC also provides consultancy and after sale services.

As well as meeting the primary needs of tourism sector, it also contributes to the publicity of our beautiful country having four season, with tours and trips that it designed and developed suitable for the sector.

Founded in 2011 completely with local capital, the company has established a capital partnership in 2016 in order to carry its goals forward and to enlarge its place in the sector.

Expanding its goals in accordance with this partnership, Deema Travel DMC has equipped its trade network - sector with trustworthy people by establishing solution partnerships with middle east’s leading tourism agencies, International Trade companies, legal consultancies and real estate consultants.

Sharing its vision with its solution partners in accordance with strategic goals determined, Deema Travel DMC has planned to enlarge its portfolio and provide service for 50 countries including European and American continents.

Deema Travel DMC embodies Expert Tour Operators for tourism services, professional real estate consultants for Real Estate services, experienced lawyers for Legal transactions and expert International Trade managers for required materials, and it operates at its office complex in Istanbul, which is considered as a strategic geographical location.

Not giving up on its quality, fast service characteristics and professional team mentality, Deema Travel DMC adopted always providing professional service for its customers as a principle.

With the vision of “Shaping the future together by sharing its knowledge, quality and expertise with its partners and customers”, DEEMA adopted the principle of “providing services according to the needs of customers” and grounds on this mission while performing its works.