Fethiye Paragliding

Oludeniz Tandem Paragliding

Oludeniz Tandem Paragliding is the best experience that gives the feeling of flight of birds. From the age of 5 onwards, every person can paraglide with a pilot. In paragliding, you sit in the front seat and your pilot sits in the back seat. The pilot gives commands such as direction, speed and brake to the parachute. At the end of the short journey, which takes approximately 30 minutes, the Babadağ departure runways are reached. Our team captain pilot distributes the pilot-passenger according to the weights so that our passengers can have a safer flight. After a short flight briefing here and putting on the equipment, the runway is selected according to the wind direction.

Babadag flight facilities have 4 runways. 1200 meters track, 1700 meters track, 1800 meters track, 1960 meters track. With the parachute on the runway filled with air, you take off with just a few running steps. Depending on the weather conditions, an average of 40 minutes. Your flight will end with a landing at Ölüdeniz beach with a few rushing steps. While experiencing the paragliding experience in Ölüdeniz, all you have to do is to entrust yourself to our professional pilots with thousands of flight experience, and to be free like birds in the sky and enjoy your flight. 

Is Paragliding Safe?

Ölüdeniz is the safest flight point in Turkey as a paragliding region. Pilot’s professionalism, meteorological conditions, material control and pilot fatigue.

Professionalism of the pilot


The health and airworthiness reports of the pilots flying for our Fethiye holiday tours company are renewed every year by the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Has at least more than 7 years of commercial paragliding pilot experience.

Meteorological Conditions

Weather conditions are the most important factor affecting paragliding. Our professional pilots have thousands of flight experience in this region for a long time. Our pilots are aware that there will be no conflict with the weather conditions.

Material Control


Parachute flight teams are checked by the Turkish aviation agency.

Pilot Fatigue:

Our pilots regularly take leave on certain days of the week. The risk avoided with this working style.

When to do Paragliding in Ölüdeniz?


Oludeniz Tandem Paragliding slope for 12 months of the year from Babadağ. But when the longest flights are made, it is the hot months when the thermal waves are high. 5 times a day at different departure times.

  • To watch far away like the island of Rhodes, you should prefer the morning flight.
  • If you want to stay in the air for a few minutes thanks to the thermal hot air and watch the crowd of Ölüdeniz from a bird’s eye view, of course, you should join the flights at noon.
  • The sunset view and the skies of Ölüdeniz turning red, you should take a sunset flight in the evening. In Fethiye paragliding, where each flight time has its own beauty, the choice is entirely up to your taste.

Best Activities to Do in Fethiye


The best activity that can be done in Fethiye is the paragliding experience. Babadağ Oludeniz Tandem Paragliding flight, which is accepted as the best paragliding flight route in Turkey, should be at the top of the holiday plan of our guests. Flights with professional equipment turn into an unforgettable memory with the video footage of your pilot.


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