10 routes to see in Turkey suggested by Turkish Instagram celebrities

10 routes to see in Turkey suggested by Turkish Instagram celebrities

10 destinations visited by Instagram celebrities all the time;

When the social media has become essential in our lives, we do not forget to thank Instagram celebrities who share their experiences with us, give us information about places to go, share opinion on what to eat where, or even guide us on how to decide where and how to take pictures.

Kuyucak Village
Also known as Village Smelling Lavender... It is named even on Instagram location tags. Kuyucak Village has become one of the most pleasant and colorful points of Instagram. Instead of rose gardens of Isparta, the lavender gardens are popular on Instagram. Lavender Valley at Keçiborlu, which is a lavender production area, is where Instagram celebrities share their moments in fragrant lavender fields.

Salda Lake
Even though it looks like Maldives, it has the best view among the lakes in Turkey with its nature and photographic beauties. A shining coast and blue waters... Impossible colors and an impossible view. With a photo that you would share from Salda Lake, only 6 km away from Yeşiolava District of Burdur, you could make everyone believe that you are at Maldives but it’s too late now. Because, frequent shares by Instagram celebrities have imprinted that this is not Maldives but Salda Lake.

Pokut Plateau
Pokut Plateau located in Çamlıhemşin District of Rize looks like it came out of postcards and was especially designed for this place. On the top of that it enchants travel-lovers, how it looks in photos drives the ones mad, who cannot go there. Spending time in its unique atmosphere, breathing in the clean air and spending even one night at this plateau are priceless.

This time, sea and history appear with a wonderful geography. Having been popular in Yeşilçam movies in ‘80s, Apollo Temple of Side is now fills the “Discover” section of Instagram thanks to the attention of Instagram celebrities.

You will be fascinated with the clean air, breathtaking view and history of Kazdağları. It looks exactly like as many celebrities on Instagram have shared. Assos instantly compels you and draws you to itself with its mythological history and unique natural beauties. The waters of northern Aegea lying in front of you and magnificence of Kazdağları on your behind make you say “I must go there too; I must share this place on Instagram too”. Once you are at Assos Antique City, you should swim at Kadırga Bay and Assos Antique Port, buy olive oil and lemon thyme and taste black mulberry juice.

Perfect harmony of nature and history awaits travelers in Safranbolu... Safranbolu is favorite of vacationists and Instagram users for four seasons. In Safranbolu with its houses, streets, markets and historical buildings, number of places to visit and photos to add on social media accounts is pretty high. Preserving its traditional life style and cultural wealth until today, Safranbolu is one of the irreplaceable destinations on the discovery page thanks to Instagram celebrities.

It is the frequent destination of not only surf-lovers but also Instagram celebrities, with its famous winds. We can all picture the stone streets, distinctive architecture, beaches and blue-white banded houses of Alaçatı, which is one of the destinations filling the discover page for the most. Pleasant fish restaurants and stores are other plus-sides of Alaçatı...

“Karadeniz plateaus” is the best phrase that brings Ayder into our minds. As it is the first place for everyone when you say plateau, it is a destination that Instagram celebrities visit first. Many photos filled with greens that you see are from Ayder. Not only us but also tourists flow to this location which is also one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey and Rize. With its natural richness, mountain houses and authentic look, Ayder seems to keep hosting Instagram celebrities for a long time.

Located at the point where Mediterranean and Aegea cross paths, Datça is more quiet and calmer than usual holiday resorts. Looking at street photos shared on Instagram, it seems like everyone flew there but it’s not true, of course. It is very peaceful as it looks in the photos of Datça streets shared by the ones going there. Datça is a very calm place even during the most crowded season and it is among the summer destinations where celebrities want to both relax themselves and share photos from.

The most precious of four seasons in our country and the strongest among all destinations in terms of social media... With its fabulous atmosphere, Cappadocia the white horse land attracts both Instagram celebrities and travel-lovers from all over the world. With its colorful balloons providing great views for wonderful photos at sunrise every morning and gliding in the air, naturally formed soil and rock structure, historical tissue, cultural values and one of a kind features, Cappadocia is the leader of Instagram’s discover page.