Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Tour

•    06: 15 FLIGHT TO KAYSERİ 

Cappadocia Population: 21.080

To begin with, fairy chimneys, also seen in a couple of other regions in the world, cannot be found at this density in anywhere as they are in Cappadocia. Having made “World’s New 25 Wonders” list at rank 5, Cappadocia is also on UNESCO World’s Culture Heritages List since 1985.
Frankly, there are no words to define this wonderful place; if you have not been to there, you should go and see it with your own eyes.
Main activities available in Cappadocia

Full moon Tour
On full moon nights every month between April and October, there are Moonlight Cappadocia walking tours organized for the last 3 years with the cooperation of Uzunetap and Argos Kültür Sanat. The tour starts at 20:30 in front of Royal Balloon in Göreme with gathering and registration processes. The return starts around 24:00. To us, it is one of the most original Cappadocia experiences. Tour participants should pay attention to these aspects in order to enjoy the tour at maximum:
– Wear comfortable shoes gripping your ankles and comfortable trousers.
– Do not forget to bring water with you.
– Even though the moonlight will show you the way, you should carry a beacon lamp with you in case that there are clouds in the sky.
– Since there is a huge gap between day and night temperatures in Cappadocia just like deserts, you should definitely bring long-sleeve outfits, hoodies or coats according to the season.
–  Instead of a shoulder bag, you should bring a back-pack providing you the best mobility.

 Attending to a pot making workshop
Established on two sides of Kızılırmak River, Avanos is a place where there are ceramic workshops and where the soil is shaped and turned into pots and pans. From Hittites until today, pot-making is the most important cultural value of the region. While making the pot, soft and oily clay soils from Avanos Mountains and old riverbeds of Kızılırmak are sifted, kneaded and turned into mud. The mud is given shape on a bench called “wheel”. Pots made in workshops are dried, first under the sun and then in shadow, and the process is completed by cooking them in a furnace at 800-1200 degrees, fired with straw and wood dust. 

As the balloons start the day early, there are a couple of bakeries opening early in the morning. You should ask and learn which ones are those so that you don’t miss the balloons while trying to find a places for shopping in the morning.

While being at it, it would be a shame to miss Kızılırmak, which is the longest river of Turkey with its 1,150 km length, where many important Christian groups lived from 9th until 13th century on its shore constituting the western border of Hittite Empire. On Kızılırmak, you can have a gondola or boat tour. The gondola tour lasts approximately 15 minutes; the surroundings of the lake is not very pleasing visually but it is still a good experience to be in a boat on Kızılırmak. Tours start at 13.00 everyday except Sundays. You should book your tour beforehand. The gondola is for 6 people and the boat can have passengers up to forty people. The payment does not change based on the number of passengers; so, you pay the same amount even if you get on the gondola alone or as a group of six.

Watch the Mapping Show displayed by projecting on fairy chimneys

At Zelve Ruins, there is a mapping show organized by Zelve Mapping, which displays how the geological structure of the region took shape, and the period from its start until today and the diversity of faith of the civilizations that lived on these lands. Let’s explain for the ones who have never heard about it: Mapping Show is a visual show where a 3-d map designed on computer is reflected on the characteristic tissue of a region with a strong projection.

The air must be dark for the show; so, there are no fixed hours. It takes approximately thirty minutes

Eating at restaurants built by carving the rocks

Eating dinner at authentic rock restaurant on the evening is a must while visiting Cappadocia. As there is a huge demand by foreign groups, you should make your reservation in case there are no available tables. Do not return before you eat Cappadocia’s local meals, such as tandır (tandoor kebab), testi kebabı (pot kebab), saç tava, wedding soup, bulgur soup, dried beans in pot, chickpea in pot and yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves). 

Trekking, hiking, flora walking, horse tour, atv safari, jeep safari, bike tour in Cappadocia valleys will allow you to see the big picture of Cappadocia and will make your holiday more meaningful. Trekking, hiking, bike tour, camping and jeep safari. You will have different experiences when you go to the same valleys with different methods. Do not hesitate to see them again. Let’s give some tips for Safari:
– Do not forget to bring water with you when you go to valleys. Bring a beacon lamp with you by considering that your return might be late at night.
– Wear comfortable shoes gripping your ankles for trekking and hiking.
– While going for ATV safari, do not wear light-colored shoes because they might get dirty depending on the climate and weather condition; choose your outfit accordingly. As your hands will stay exposed for a long time, bring gloves with you. Use a neck collar in order to protect from dust.
– You should definitely bring long-sleeve outfits with you for the activities at sunrise.

In Cappadocia, there are daily or a-few-day-long horse tours and full-moon tours with horses organized. As daily tours, you visit the valleys where you can see the most iconic geographical formations, such as Kızılçukur Valley, Güllüdere Valley, Aşk Valley, Bağlıdere and Kılıçlar Valley. You can make your reservation by stating your tour dates, tour types, number of group members and your previous riding experiences. 

If you can afford it, you should definitely join a balloon tour in Cappadocia. You take off at the same time with at least 100-150 balloons; everywhere you look becomes more beautiful and you get the chance to take wonderful photos and to see the valleys from above.
When you decide to get on the balloon, you should make your reservation one day before your ride, regardless of the company you choose. The program on the day of your flight is almost same at all companies: Company shuttles take you from your hotel and take to their offices; you have breakfast here and then you go to the field with vehicles, where the balloons will take off, after the approval for flights. After the pre-flight briefing, the balloons are prepared and you get on the baskets; you fasten your belts and take off. When you land, they offer you some champagne and snacks. If you don’t uses alcohol, they also offer you non-alcoholic champagne. After you receive your participation certificates, they take you to your hotels with shuttles.

Cappadox Festival
In the last two years, the Cappadox Festival organized by Positive Organization on May has added a value to Cappadocia. Cappadox is a new generation festival offering transdisciplinary experiences by combining music, modern art, nature activities and gastronomy. It is safe to say that it is the only festival that brings all these people from all around Turkey, even from world, to Nevşehir, of which tickets are sold-out way early. To us, the secret for its success is in the festival programs including many activities such as concerts of foreign and local singers and groups, valley hiking, valley bike tours, sunrise yoga, picnics, cooking courses, tasting workshops, exhibitions and shows. Let’s put it in this way; even if you don’t have a Cappadocia travel plan, one would go to Cappadocia solely for Cappadox.

Cycling Fest
Salcano Cappdocia Cycling Festival organized with international participation on September should also not be missed. There are competitions, meetings and activities for both amateur and professional bikers. You can register to the festival on its website.  


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