Trabzon City Tour

Trabzon Population 790.286
One of the most important aspects that our guests should pay attention to is that the distance between Istanbul and Trabzon is 1063 km. Due to the fact that the distance is far and tiresome, air travel is advised when visiting Trabzon city.
Depending on your wishes, we have long Northern Turkey tours from Istanbul to Trabzon. You may contact for details.
The fascinating location of Northern Turkey, covered with Zigana Mountains with an astonishing nature, Trabzon is a place to see for the ones who want to get lost in the colors of nature, explorer souls who wants to witness the history, sea-lovers who want to feel Karadeniz and make the most of its blessings and the ones who want to do shopping at authentic bazaars.

Built on the foothills of Karadağ viewing Altındere Valley in Maçka district of Trabzon, a religious building with an astonishing view. It is believed that Sümela Monastery built on a cliff was built by two monks named Barnabas and Sophronios from Athens during the era of Theodossius I., Emperor of Byzantium.
Today, this building is used both as a museum and a mosque; and it attracts attention with its well-cared garden and sea view. Mentioned in the books of important travelers like Evliya Çelebi, Hamilton and Texier, Trabzon Hagia Sophia
Museum was turned into a mosque, which was a church in old times, after Fatih Sultan Mehmed conquered Istanbul.

With streams, waterfalls, lakes, specially designed path and lighting, Çal Cave can be traveled easily. At the small tea house right at the exit of the cave, you can drink some warm tea that will take away your tiredness after discovering the cave.
Çal Cave is one of the world’s longest caves and it is the most important place to see in your Trabzon trip.

Zağnos Valley that we can define as one of the most beautiful places of Trabzon is like a resting spot within nature. If you are looking for a spot to have a picnic in Trabzon, you may go to Zağnos Valley. Being at a central location, Zağnos Valley is also a place where you can visit historical places such as Trabzon Castle. With bridges, ponds and flower gardens around, Zağnos Valley is an ideal route to enjoy the nature in Trabzon.

Uzungöl is within the borders of Çaykara district of Trabzon city. Its distance to the city is approximately 99 km and 19 km to Çaykara district center.
Uzungöl is tailor-made for the ones who seek peace. Therefore, if you want to travel all the time and have a dynamic vacation, it might not be for you. However, if you want to enjoy the nature more, you may join hiking tours organized almost every day, especially during summer, and safari tours with ATVs or jeeps. Additionally, you can watch Uzungöl from above by paragliding with professionals if the wind is not very strong.