Ski Holiday in Turkey attracts a huge number of visitors

President of GÜMTOB, Haluk Beceren, stated that seasonal expectations in Uludağ was high; and President of Erciyes Ski Center, Murat Çıngı, said that they hosted 400 thousand visitors within 25 days.

Ski centers in Turkey live paradise.
Since the beginning of winter season, many ski centers across Turkey started to have a good season with also the effect of semester holiday.

Erciyes marches towards record
Businesses in Bursa Uludağ, Kayseri Erciyes and Erzurum Palandöken stated that they had the highest occupancy rate of recent years. Hotels at ski centers address that they would break a record at occupancy rates this year.  
Stating that they hosted 400 thousand visitors within 25 days, President of Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center, Dr. Murat Çıngı, added:
“Number of visitors coming to Erciyes increases every year. We will keep increasing this number and break new records. All of our hotels are having a season filled with weekend sport organizations and activities this year as they did in previous years.”
Expectation for a good season in Uludağ is quite high
Stating that the snow condition was pretty good and new year holiday was quite intense in Uludağ, Haluk Beceren, the President of GÜTMOB South Marmara Touristic Hotel Owners and Business Administrators, addressed that the increase would continue in the upcoming days and added:
"Even though we experience a decrease of 50% after New Year in Uludağ, there comes a heavy demand at weekends again. With the semester holiday, we expect to have a good season until the end of February. Our goal is to be able to reach at maximum capacity. We had reservations for semester break. This amount of increase will continue in the new season as well.